Thursday, June 11, 2009

Simple Tomato Sauce

Three weeks till I set out to circumambulate lake tahoe with some friends, along the TRT route, and I'm making my meals. I'll be using a very basic tomato sauce as my basic flavor jump off point for lots of meals, and adding in spice blends and herbs on the trail. I should be able to add a little onion, basil, and oregano for a pizza sauce, basil for a pasta sauce, and a mix of coriander, cumin, cloves, ginger, onion, and mustard for a curry.

This batch made four servings @ 30 calories each, 3 from fat, 5 from protein. This sauce is high in dietary fiber, manganese, magnesium, niacin, potassium, thiamin, vitamin B6, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

I'm using Cherokee tomatoes, a heirloom varietal, because they have lots of flesh, and I personally think they taste great.

These are cherokee tomatoes

I boiled them briefly to loosen the skins enough to peel them

Slice them like this

Grab each half, skin side against your palm, squeeze them while flicking out the juice and seeds, and remove the core with your knife.

I collect the seeded tomatoes and dice them, removing any stems or undesirable sections.

I collect 680 grams of diced tomato, and this will be used to make my sauce. All nutritional content is estimated on this value of 680 grams.

This is very young garlic, and I'm using about half of the head for the sauce

I crush the garlic, give it a few chops with the knife, and mix with a pinch of olive oil, and cook over fairly high heat in a dry pan for 30 seconds.

The tomatoes are added, with a pinch of salt, and cooked for 2 minutes over med-high heat. The mixture is treated briefly with a hand blender, and plated on parchment paper for drying in single serving aliquots.

FInished drying, the sauce looks like pretty much any other fruit leather.

peel it off the parchment paper

Roll it up, and store for the trip.

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