Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Avoid Salomon gear

Salomon is a company that makes gear I find comfortable on my body.

Unfortunately I had two backpacks fail this season, and one pair of shoes that only covered 75 miles.

Failures in gear is unavoidable. I don't use bomb proof gear, I know stuff fails. This isn't a rant about the failure of the gear. This is a rant about the failure of the company to be accessible to its customers.

Salomon goes out of their way to hide contact information.. There is no easy path to let them know about your experiences with their products. They seem to have no interest in receiving feedback on design failures from customers. I find the complete lack of customer service and support to be reason enough to avoid using Salomon products in my future travels.

75 miles and the super expensive and hard to replace lace system failed.

The attachment of the hipbelt is a design failure.
I've had two packs fail like this.

As a counter example, MSR, thermarest, and platypus are easilly reachable via the prominently placed "Contact Us" link on their web page. Click it, and they break support down into questions and feedback, repairs and replacement, and other categories. This shows an interest in receiving feedback, and helping people out with faulty gear.
Picture 36.png

Time yourself, see how long it takes you to find the contact information in Salomon's customer service hell.

And when you do find the contact email, be prepared to hear this from their customer service department :
This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

One or more of the recipients of your message did not receive it
because they would have exceeded their mailbox size limit. It
may be possible for you to successfully send your message again
at a later time; however, if it is large, it is recommended that
you first contact the recipients to confirm that the space will be
available for your message when you send it.

User quota exceeded: SMTP

Please reply to
if you feel this message to be in error.

Happy New Year, Another Yosemite trip report and photos coming soon !


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sharing your experience. I may very well choose some other brand because of this. Thought you should know - it's a small comfort that someone has heard your complaints and reacted to them. Just a shame it's not the company that makes them. Potential consumers - let's make them listen!

Cayenne Redmonk said...

thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate your comments.

Jack Lynch said...

I purchased Salomon XA-Pro's the year they introduced them and about a dozen of their trail running shoes since. Their reliability was one of the main reasons. Months before I recently purchased a pair of theit XT-Wings, I'd heard they had a problm with the Kevlar laces braking. I assumed the problem had been successfully addressed and went ahead with my purchase. Nine miles into the Bataan Memorial Marathon March across the White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico a few weeks ago, the laces broke. There was no way to fix them, so I finished about an hour slower than my target time. Since then, I've found no way to communicate my dissatisfaction to Salomon. So, I won't be using Salomon gear in the future either.

Anonymous said...

I can understand your frustrations. I should have googled and read this first. I bought a pair of XT Wings this last Spring and did not wear them for much. Over the course of the summer, the lace system broke and the shoes are basically new. I was not happy. Trying to contact Salomon was a big pain in the ass! Salomon is gone from my gear list.

Harvey said...

And the beat goes on....After an hour of fruitlessly searching the Salomon website for a "contact" department to report my "broken laces" problem, I suspected I wasn't alone. A Google inquiry immediately took me Mr.Redmonk's comments. My story is similar to the others: flawed XA Comp GTX shoe lace design and no access to Salomon customer support. Ironically, REI,a major US retailer of Salomon products where I had purchased my shoes, had no laces in stock. Their backup supply had all been used to repair other shoes. REI advised me to contact Salomon directly as they thought Salomon would send me..immediately.. a set with installation kit, free of charge. I'm off to see REI for the third time and share my story. I suspect REI has the clout to get Salomon's attention. Thanks Cayenne Redmonk;I'll be trying your recipes.

Cayenne Redmonk said...

I'm sorry to read that the beat goes on, but glad to have your readership. Thanks for taking the time to post comments.

daiku said...

The laces on my XA-Pros broke as well and from what I can see there's no way to replace. Too bad. Great shoe otherwise, but who builds a shoe with irreplaceable laces!!! And NO customer service contact to boot.

Too bad for Salomon...

tolowo said...

I have a pair of the Salomon xa pro 3d ultra m+. I always research the company in wich I make a purchase. Im not sure if the info is correct but this is what I was able to find. They didnt list an email adress... go figure.Im sure the European site has more contact info. Hope this helps, good luck.

Salomon North America
2030 Lincoln Ave
Ogden, UT, 84401-0430

Maria said...

I will never purchase any Salomon products again. Had a $220. pair of Salomon boots that I had barely used, went hiking in Yosemite. The soles of the boots totally shredded out. Luckily, I'd taken a spare set of boots on the trip. I contacted Salomon customer service, after searching on the net to find it. Their website has no contact info on it at all. The woman in customer service just said "Yeah, we've had a problem with the boots doing that. Unfortunately, the boots are past its one year warranty so there is nothing I can do about it." I asked her "Why would your company sell a pair of boots that cost $220. and then the soles completely disintegrate after a few hikes?" There was silence and then she responded "I can't answer that question for you." More silence. Wow...incredible. I feel I have no other recourse to get help. I'll be sure to share with friends re: this utter lack of customer service and poor quality hiking boots.

Darren said...

Tough Call. I've had good luck with snowboard boots and trail runners. Their contact info is very hard to find on their site, pathetic in fact, but a quick google search yielded the Utah main number and I had a rep on the phone in seconds. She was friendly and helpful, sending out spare laces and parts for free.

Cayenne Redmonk said...

Two years ago, when I wrote this, you would not have found that number.

Wretched Dollie said...

Wanted to let you all know I had the same problem. Bought boots from Salomon that never got used. Pulled them out of the closet and the soles crumbled under my feet. Contacted their customer service only to be offered help in buying another pair which felt like a slap in the face. I won't be recommending their gear either.

GaryF said...

I'm ready to move on, but thought I'd add my two cents. Bought Salomon hiking boots 8 years ago and have really liked them. I need to replace them and I hate to shop, so I figured I'd try to replace them with the current equivalent Salomon model, and went to Salomon's website to ask what that was. Of course, there was no way to do that. I did call their 800 number, told their rep what boot I had, and asked what the equivalent current model was. He told me he couldn't answer my question unless I read him the labels in my boots. I was at work, so I asked for the e-mail address where I could contact Salomon with that information when I got home. He gave me an address. I just tried it and the e-mail bounced back as undeliverable. I tried a couple of logical variations on it (changed some dashes to slashes, for example), with the same result. I'm nominating for the Corporate Customer Service Hall of Shame.

leana niemand said...

Same here. Very sad 😕😕😕

leana niemand said...

Same here. Very sad 😕😕😕