Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Avoid Salomon gear

Salomon is a company that makes gear I find comfortable on my body.

Unfortunately I had two backpacks fail this season, and one pair of shoes that only covered 75 miles.

Failures in gear is unavoidable. I don't use bomb proof gear, I know stuff fails. This isn't a rant about the failure of the gear. This is a rant about the failure of the company to be accessible to its customers.

Salomon goes out of their way to hide contact information.. There is no easy path to let them know about your experiences with their products. They seem to have no interest in receiving feedback on design failures from customers. I find the complete lack of customer service and support to be reason enough to avoid using Salomon products in my future travels.

75 miles and the super expensive and hard to replace lace system failed.

The attachment of the hipbelt is a design failure.
I've had two packs fail like this.

As a counter example, MSR, thermarest, and platypus are easilly reachable via the prominently placed "Contact Us" link on their web page. Click it, and they break support down into questions and feedback, repairs and replacement, and other categories. This shows an interest in receiving feedback, and helping people out with faulty gear.
Picture 36.png

Time yourself, see how long it takes you to find the contact information in Salomon's customer service hell.

And when you do find the contact email, be prepared to hear this from their customer service department :
This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

One or more of the recipients of your message did not receive it
because they would have exceeded their mailbox size limit. It
may be possible for you to successfully send your message again
at a later time; however, if it is large, it is recommended that
you first contact the recipients to confirm that the space will be
available for your message when you send it.

User quota exceeded: SMTP

Please reply to
if you feel this message to be in error.

Happy New Year, Another Yosemite trip report and photos coming soon !