Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hetch Hetchy trip report

Hello friends and dotcomrades, scroll down, a few pictures at bottom of post

Hetch Hetchy is located in the north west portion of Yosemite national park. Due to the enormous wildfires (quantity and size), views were limited and I got nothing but "i was there" photos. The smoked jambalaya kicked ass, although it potentially may have caused mild gas for Clark. I enjoyed it, and the flavor was very representative of the taste it had when eaten fresh. Honestly, I was stoked on the jambalaya last season and this year I've raised the flavor bar at the expense of cooking time.

Mosquitoes were very intense.

Water was drying up below 6500'.

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It's a holiday weekend, I'm thinking of going solo through Lassen. Looks to be the least fire infested area.


I was wearing my visor and towel combination for cooling and sun protection. Here I am about to break for a lunch of san joaquin gold and bread. San Joaquin Gold is a hard cheese, creamy like cheddar, nutty like fine parmigiano. It was awesome. View is of Rancheria falls.

backview, it can be pulled up and down to expose or hide the neck

Clark surveys water cascading down some slick rock

Zoom in on the cascading water

After missing the chance to photograph a mama bear with her snow white cub, I pulled the camera out of the pack. Here is a young buck.

taking a break in a spot where the mosquitoes weren't quite as bad. Did I mention that in Yosemite, the mosquitoes go all the way to eleven. I had no issues and was using treated clothing, long sleeves, long pants, long hat.

View overlooking the reservoir

Clark surveys the damn dam.

part of the dam

more of the dam

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