Monday, June 23, 2008

Strawberry Electrolyte Gel

Greating my friends, I made these for my trinity alps trip. Due to getting stuck in a snow storm, I didn't get to push myself hard enough to properly evaluate the functionality of this snack. I enjoyed the taste, but think I can improve on the texture of these.

I start with 1/3 flat of fresh organic strawberries ( 0.5kg)

Strawberries are scored in parallel lines, 5-8 cuts per berry, and flavor
is extracted by covering with evaporated cane juice (200g)

After a short rest, and a quick stir, it should look like this gooey mess

There are lots of ways to get the juice from the mix, I use cheesecloth

drain, drain, drain, drain . . . rinse with OJ . . . I collected almost 100ml of juice.

Add the juice from some oranges to bring volume to 100ml.

Pastuerize the liquid, and add in some dissolved gelatin (21g), then pour into a container to set

Cube, and toss lightly with a small amount of sugar. I cut mine so that I could easily squeeze them out of my refillable squeeze tubes. This amount filled one tube completely.

I hope to get the write up done for my trinity alps trip soon.

It's backpacking season, be safe out there,

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