Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grilled Jambalaya

Hello World,

I'm heading out to the sierras for a backpacking trip in the greater hetch hetchy ecosystem of the sierras. On the menu is a variety of goodies, including a smoked jambalaya, good bars, and fake meat. The jambalaya is a more robust version of the stuff I made last season. I added some shredded chicken to the mix, and more veggies.

I soak some apple wood over night for generating smoke

and prepare some fresh veggies


onions and jalepenos

bell peppers

smoked over low heat for a while

Cook it up with some diced tomato, rice, and chicken broth

shred the chicken with forks

Dry 10 hours and flip over

until dried completely

Gratuitous grill photo !

Cheers y'all, I'm out of here for a very well deserved vacation.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Strawberry Electrolyte Gel

Greating my friends, I made these for my trinity alps trip. Due to getting stuck in a snow storm, I didn't get to push myself hard enough to properly evaluate the functionality of this snack. I enjoyed the taste, but think I can improve on the texture of these.

I start with 1/3 flat of fresh organic strawberries ( 0.5kg)

Strawberries are scored in parallel lines, 5-8 cuts per berry, and flavor
is extracted by covering with evaporated cane juice (200g)

After a short rest, and a quick stir, it should look like this gooey mess

There are lots of ways to get the juice from the mix, I use cheesecloth

drain, drain, drain, drain . . . rinse with OJ . . . I collected almost 100ml of juice.

Add the juice from some oranges to bring volume to 100ml.

Pastuerize the liquid, and add in some dissolved gelatin (21g), then pour into a container to set

Cube, and toss lightly with a small amount of sugar. I cut mine so that I could easily squeeze them out of my refillable squeeze tubes. This amount filled one tube completely.

I hope to get the write up done for my trinity alps trip soon.

It's backpacking season, be safe out there,

Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Bars

Hello Internets,

I needed a bar that I could stand to eat, so I made one. I set out to make something deceptively sweet, crunchy, and chewy. This is the basic bar, with more flavors to come as I do more trips. Simple sugars come from evaporate cane juice, agave nectar, and a local honey made from bees pollinating blackberry shrubs. Oats, rice, amaranth, and millet add complex carbohydrates, and some protein. Butter, seeds, and nuts add fat and texture.

FWIW, these bars are 4.8Cal/g.

The full recipe should appear in the list on the right soon, enjoy the picture show.


  • 170g Evaporated organic can juice (~1cup)
  • 185g Peanut Butter (~2/3 cup) (12f:8p:5c)/32g (200Cal/32g)
  • 120g agave nectar (1/4 cup) (360Cal)
  • 115g butter (1/2 cup)
  • 10g vanilla (2tsp)
  • 270g rolled oats (3 cups) (140cal/39g)
  • 71g oat flour (1/2 cup) )140cal/39g)
  • 80g sunflower kernels (1/2 cup)
  • 30g sesame seeds (1/4 cup)
  • 15g amaranth, toasted/puffed (1/4 cup) 374cal/100g
  • 35g millet (1/4cup) 119cal/100g
  • 80g corn syrup (1/4 cup) (120cal/30g)
  • 116g blackberry honey (honey from black berry plants, not fruit honey combo) (1/4cup) (60cal/20g)
  • 50g crisped rice (120cal/30g) (four or five hand fulls)
  • 30g hemp seeds ( 174cal/30g) (a couple of plam fulls)
  • 88g peanuts (802cal/144g) ( about 1/5 lb)

Crunchy Peanut butter, agave nectar, honey, vanilla evaporated cane juice,
some butter
mix the butter, PB, and sugars
puff the amaranth and millet, separately, over fairly high dry heat
add the puffed millet and amaranth, oats, oat flour, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, and peanuts. Mix it up
pack into baking sheet, 3/8" thick
bake 20 minutes @ 350F, and then dehydrate at 150-180F for 4-6 hours. Cut into 100g bars.

Thanks for reading, Electrolyte gels and Trinity Alps trip report coming soon.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Calories per gram ratio

Lets brainstorm about Calories per gram.

Fat is 9Cal/g
Carbs are 4Cal/g
Protein is 4Cal/g

For most intents and purposes, Calories only come from these components of food, and the amounts per unit of the food is known from internet databases.

Looking only at these components, there is a linear relationship between percentage of Calories from fat, and Calories per gram of digestible matter.

Calories_Per_gram = (PercentCaloriesFromFat / 20) +4

A "perfect" food would contain only these components in significant quantities. Crafting a recipe for any given Caloric density would be a simple matter of punching in the numbers into the equation to determine the needed fat percentage, and building from that.

PercentCaloriesFromFat = 20 * (Calories_Per_gram - 4)

Protein : Carbohydrate ratio would be a matter of when the fuel was to be burned. I like proteins at night, and carbohydrates in the day, both with generous amounts of fat.

I have a variety of isolated proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Preparing a menu could be a simple matter of seasoning protein and carbohydrate blends and preparing those with water and fat on the trail. Except I want, and need, texture to my foods.

The challenge in optimizing the Cal/g ratio then becomes a function of creating enjoyable texture from carbs and proteins, that can be dried and rehydrated later. These should be crafted in a way that would allow the maximum amount of fat to be tolerated during the meal. This would seem to be the next step in the fake meat project I started last year, but I am not sure. If I want to push the Cal/g ratio higher, I need to be able to find a texture I enjoy when prepared in fat.

Since I've never kept stats before, the bars are my current record on a Cal/g scale. I typed up the recipe for the bars today, so as soon as I select some pictures it will be ready to post.

I'm thinking I can make a hot dinner that breaks 6 Cal/g.


Trinity alps trip report, and strawberry electrolyte chewable gel.