Monday, May 12, 2008

fake meat (no recipe)

I am going to get a scale soon, as that is the only sane way I can think of to keep track of nutritional content in my cooking.

I don't really have a recipe written up yet, but I took a bunch of pictures while I was making it. Fake meat started as an obsession to copy my vegetarian roommates fake chicken sticks. And that was okay.

For the trail, I decided to make seitan. It was hard to eat on the trail, despite being easy to make at home.

I had been working with a grain based recipe. Grain textures, grain proteins.

Now I am working with a ton of mushrooms

And getting carbohydrate and protein from azuki, black, and anasazi beans.

They are all mixed together after cooking, and set aside.

A ton of garlic (not pictured), Corn, Leeks, Green Garlic, Bell Peppers, and onions are coooked and set aside.

Cooked it looks like this, just quickly heated over high heat.

A mixture of many grains and seeds are cooked with some textured vegetable protein, and vital wheat gluten.

I mash the cooled dried beans.

add in the grains and vegetables.

I am ommitting a lot of spices that will be detailed in the recipe when I write it up. The mix is spread and dried on trays, while some is eaten fresh.

once dried it looks like this. MMmmm.

I put one or two chips into my mashed potatoes, and, it was pretty good. I liked it, and will be doing it again.

cooking the mixture on the beach
Fuel for a 35 mile weekend, pretty tasty, and very quick.



QT said...

I love it when you post recipes, even tho you don't really post the "details", per se. The pic of the mushrooms made my mouth water!

Cayenne Redmonk said...

thank you ! I'm hoping to get more details into my recipes soon. I am still learning how to take notes and photograph while I cook. I was really pleased with the mushroom picture, I'm glad you liked it.