Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lessons in Chili

Hello Internets,

I've given up on trail friendly ravioli for the moment. It's winter time, and I'm moving more and more into instant, cook in the bag, type of foods. I have done some experimenting with stews, soups, and chilies. Lets take a look at what a failure looks like, the beef chili.

I wasn't planning on making this for the trail, so there are no pictures up to this point.

I put some hunks of dried chili into the bowl, already I am thinking this is going to be a pretty nasty treat.

Boiling water was added, and I wait for a few minutes

Yuk, this tastes like something not so fresh from a fast food restaurant.

So, no recipe. I would be very disappointed in this if I brought this on the trail. I'm happy with the beans being nearly instant, but the flavor was flat and bitter at the same time. The meat and sauce was just too fatty to be dried reliably. When I have the time I'd like to make a chili with the intention of drying it down for the trail.

I have a beef stew that I made for the trail, and that turned out good enough that I took it on the trail and ate it all.

happy holidays,

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