Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yosemite - Tuolumne Meadows

Text up front, scroll down for pictures.

I'm back from the quick trip to yosemite. The Caribbean beans and rice were declared the best meal ever by the whole crew. On the trail, the flavors were robust, and the aroma greeted us with a firm tap on the nose. Each bite with jerky was a very special treat.

One problem, I missed the cooking time goal of the meal. We would have been eating crunchy beans if I brought the alcohol stove. Cook time was over 20 minutes, but I knew going in the beans were undercooked. I just didn't realize how raw they were.

We entered the wilderness via Tuolumne meadows

this yellow-bellied marmot entertained us for 10 minutes.

like a dragon's eye watching me

while I watch the deer

Mountains rise from the flats

Lunch was hummus with sun dried tomato and basil wraps,
served with a ray of light and mountain water.
(i think this is a better picture than a bowl of hummus)

My roomie was exhausted and stayed in camp

She enjoyed time alone to reflect and eat the gummies

Clark and I did six more miles, and scrambled off trail
to get a large view of the valley in the distance.

Here clark is seen viewing the valley vista

This was a multi-ridge bonus view we caught climbing down

Last light on the valley

Dinner was prepared in the dark, so look at my other postings
to see what the food is all about.

white balance is off, but here is the dish in preparation.


manivone said...

Cameron you crack me up!! Indeed, I really enjoyed the gummies while you guys were hauling ass up to the next peak!
And that stew was sooooo good...people, this guys a genius! (And I'm not tooting his horn just 'cause he's my roommate...he can really cook...and ladies, he's single;)

Cayenne Redmonk said...

I'm glad we took that trip, it was the best one night adventure I've been on.

frog-o-phobic said...

Oh, what trail did you take out of Tuolumne?

Cayenne Redmonk said...

I believe we took Rafferty Creek.